The Samsung Galaxy S7 may be one of the best devices currently available on the market but if there’s one quality in which the device fails to swell at, it’s in the device’s audio quality. This becomes more apparent when the device is compared against the likes of the HTC 10 and the iPhone 6s.

Of course, this does not mean that the Galaxy S7 has terrible audio playbacks – that’s still considered decent enough. It appears that some Galaxy S7 owners have been experiencing audio troubles where the sound suddenly gets cut off.

Many owners took to Android Central forum threads to vent their frustration and confusion over the issue. These owners said that this audio problem doesn’t occur during a call or text, instead it happens when they’re watching a video.

This could be a video from Facebook or even YouTube; the issue still persists. The sound apparently plays for only two seconds before stopping abruptly.

Although no one has found a reason why this keeps happening, many have suggested that installing a third-party app may solve the audio issue. One example is the “Soundabout” app where owners will only need to install it, set media to speaker and problem solved!

That said, it is not only disappointing to see such an issue on a fairly new device, it’s annoying that Android keeps needing users to download third-party apps just so the device will work as it did when it was new.

Well, if you are a Galaxy S7 user, have you been experiencing a similar problem? What have you done to fix it?