Most Samsung Galaxy S7 users were thrilled when they received the upgrade into the latest Android update, the Android 7.0 Nougat. However, for some, the joy was short lived.

According to a Reddit thread, a Galaxy S7 user was disappointed to find his multi-window feature, which was working flawless, unusable following the Nougat upgrade.

The poster clarified that the feature has stopped working as whenever he has two apps side-by-side, the other one will stop refreshing.

He added that he uses a car dock when he drives and he would split the screen for Google Maps and GoneMad music player. Although they work well together previously, the Maps now stops abruptly and has to be tapped on for it to resume.

However, when he does this, the music player stops in its place. This means he would need to keep tapping on the device instead of just glancing at it every couple of minutes or so while driving.

The Galaxy S7 user said that the multi-screen feature was what made him loyal to the Samsung brand. We’re pretty sure there’s plenty others who share in the same sentiments.

Well, have you been experiencing a similar situation? If you have, what did you do to rectify it?