Sometimes too much of something isn’t all good and sometimes having options is a good thing. Thankfully, Samsung is aware of these two notions and strive to implement them in its offerings.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has the option of changing the intensity of the flashlight, the Galaxy S7 did not come with such a feature. However, Samsung has fixed that via the long-awaited Nougat update.

A report via SamMobile states that if your Galaxy S7 has been updated into Nougat, all you have to do is to drag down from the top of your display to toggle the Quick Settings option.

Then, you’ll have to click on the text ‘Flashlight/Torch’ to ignite a slider with five different intensities. After that, just select one according to your preference and that’s it!

Source: SamMobile

Well, it sure looks like Samsung is bucking up in terms of satisfying its consumers. Let’s hope the Seoul-based manufacturer will continue down this path for the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8, as well.