Trouble seems to have followed Samsung into the new year. The Seoul-based smartphone manufacturer is now facing issues with its rear camera of the Galaxy S7, according to the Consumerist.

Sean, a Galaxy S7 owner, woke up to bad news when he saw the glass of his rear camera had shattered despite being untouched and in a case throughout the night.

Once again, Samsung isn’t believing this and has refused to uphold the warranty. This isn’t the only case, however, as many other owners have reported of the same issue on the Samsung Community website.

Having said that, Samsung isn’t the only one who has faced this predicament as this surprise camera crack issue facing the Galaxy S7 is similar to the Nexus 6P which had camera panels cracking out of nothing back at the end of 2015.

Android Authority had reported that one Redditor had speculated that this could be due to the Nexus 6P lacking in a small plastic shock ring around its camera glass. Thus, any lateral pressure the case undergoes will result in the camera glass to crack.

Well, what could be the problem with the Samsung Galaxy S7 then?