Recently, the device that have been reported to be blowing up are the iPhone 6 and 6s; but, it seems that the problem isn’t quite over for Samsung as well. The latest addition to Samsung’s growing list of explosive models is the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Shaunique Lamb, a 27-year old senior at Old Dominion University, describes the horrible story of how her Galaxy S7 device caught on fire while sitting inside a cup holder.

To make matter worse, Lamb was actually driving her car when smoke started emitting from the device. Lamb stresses that the device was not connected into the charger but clarifies that it was synced to Bluetooth as she was listening to music via an app on the device.

Thankfully, Lamb was able to save herself from serious injuries by stopping by the side of the road until the smoke cleared out.

Lamb, then, took the damaged device back to the same Sprint store she had purchased it from and was informed that despite having her Asurion insurance plan, she would still need to fork out a $200 deductible.

She had also gotten in touch with Samsung but was worried that the Seoul-based manufacturer was taking the matter lightly. However, Samsung did release a statement that revealed that it needed to examine the device to find out what went wrong.

“Samsung stands behind the quality and safety of the more than 10 million Galaxy S7 family phones in the U.S. We are working with Ms. Lamb to retrieve the device and learn more about what happened. Until Samsung is able to obtain and examine any device, it is impossible to determine the true cause of any incident. Mobile phones are complex devices and there are many factors that could contribute to their malfunction,” clarified the South Korean manufacturer.