Looking for a top spec Android smartphone this Christmas? Well, if you are, Best Buy has the perfect deals for you.

Best Buy is currently offering the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its Edge variant at a discounted rate. If you activate either devices on a monthly installment plan from Verizon or Sprint, you’ll be entitled to a $400 gift card. However, if you opt for AT&T, you will get a $300 gift card instead.

Besides that, if you decide to shop the deal in a store, you will get a free Gear VR headset as well as a $50 worth of Oculus content. But, if you’re not one for installment payments, you will still be able to score great discounts at Best Buy. The retailer is currently selling the Galaxy S7 at $499.99 and its Edge variant at $599.99.

If you’re looking to venture out of typical brands, you could opt for the Google Pixel. Best Buy is also offering discounted rates on the Google Pixel and the Pixel XL. Purchasing these devices with an installment plan from Verizon will cost you about $10 or $15 per month, but via this retailer, you will be entitled to $410 off the device.

And, if you visit a physical Best Buy store, you could trade-in your functioning smartphone for a brand new Pixel for “free.” Aside that, the retailer is throwing in a $100 gift card with every purchase of the Pixel or Pixel XL.