The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge were supposed to be among the firsts of the Samsung line to jump into the latest Android update. However, recent reports have revealed that these two devices will not be seeing the Android 7.0 Nougat update this year.

Samsung had already started its Galaxy Beta Program in the UK, US and a couple of other countries. This is where some Galaxy S7/S7 Edge owners get a chance to test out the new update prior to it going public.

Sadly, Verizon has confirmed that the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge under its service will not be making it into Nougat this year as it is expected to be launched early next year.

“Dear Customers, Verizon will stay on the original software for the remainder of this trial. Beta trial users will be upgraded to the commercial N release when it is available early next year. Thanks, Galaxy Beta Program Team,” stated the US carrier service.

This news is not exactly unexpected but we still do not know the actual reason behind Verizon’s decision to postpone the release of the latest Android update.

Well, let’s hope it would stick to its promise of an early 2017 Nougat entry.