The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been the center of rumors for some time now and one of the most exciting rumor stems to be the news that Samsung may be incorporating an 8GB RAM into the device.

However, there were no such chips in the industry suitable for the device which made the rumor seem just that, a rumor. But, according to Phone Arena, SK Hynix, the main memory-making competition of Samsung in Korea, has announced something that may make it possible.

It comprises of “two 8 Gigabit pieces connected in a dual-channel config, and stacked in four layers. That’s exactly 64 Gigabits, equaling 8 GB of mobile DRAM,” states the report.

SK Hynix says that this will take 30 percent less room than the existing LPDDR4 mobile chips, and it is 20 percent more efficient, power wise.

The chip, dubbed LPDDR4X, is slated to be in high demand this year. The developer states that they will be used for various flagship devices this year, which may very well include the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Looks like a rumor is about to be squashed, but let’s not get our hopes too high, for now.