It is official. Samsung has announced on the Galaxy S8 Active and the device will become available for purchase in the coming weeks. Like how it was with previous Active phones, the S8 Active will be based on the S8 and it will have a more robust appearance aimed at the rugged users.

Everything sure sounds exciting until you realized that there is a huge amount of complaints made on the S7 Active users. The latter has revealed on various tech forums on how the phone they purchased are not exactly bulletproof.

After several months of usage, the S7 Active will experience a loosened home button. The volume button too becomes non-functional for some users. It got them concluding that the ruggedness of the S7 Active is just for cosmetic purposes.

Well, we certainly hope that this isn’t going to be the case for the Galaxy S8 Active. The upcoming device must not be an S8 made for looks or we should just settle for the S8 and get ourselves a pure rugged casing that can do a better job.

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