The Samsung Galaxy S8 duo is, definitely, a highly anticipated pair following the whole Note 7 debacle. According to a poll by The Verge, 62 percent of 5030 respondents had opted for the Galaxy S8 over the LG G6.

Well, this isn’t entirely surprising seeing that the Galaxy S8 and the S8+ do have a couple of advantages over its rivals in the Android arena.

For one, Samsung is looking to push the boundaries by venturing further than the typical aspect ration of 16:9 that we are used to seeing on most devices. This is done to create an extra wide display.

Aside that, the Galaxy S8 duo will be sporting a borderless bezel design, resulting in a sleek and sexy looking device. These devices will also feature the iris scanner, alongside the fingerprint scanner, which adds to its overall standout aspect.

That’s not all – rumor has it that Samsung’s latest duo will be sporting an 8MP front-facing camera with face detection, 1000 fps video recording, the inclusion of artificial intelligence Bixby as well as an enhanced version of the S Health.

It may be too early to say but it sure looks like the Galaxy S8 is aiming to elevate the Samsung brand to a higher level. Well, these are unofficial features right now but we’ll be hearing all about the official features some time this week.

What other features are you expecting to see on Samsung’s latest flagship devices?