Recent reports reveal that Samsung has increased its Galaxy S8 production run at launch to 40 percent compared to the initial order placed to suppliers for the Galaxy S7.

The Galaxy S7 started off with 12 million units whereas the Galaxy S8 is reported to reach almost 17 million devices for its initial supply.

This stands as evidence that the South Korean manufacturer is placing high hopes for the Galaxy S8 devices. Perhaps this was a necessary move following the whole Note 7 recall.

According to forecasters, the overall sales goal for the Galaxy S8 would be about 60 million units. This is way higher than the 48 million slated for the Galaxy S7 as well as the 45 million for the Galaxy S6.

The Investor reports that the OLED display business of Samsung is preparing to send out 10 million panels for the S8 and 6 million for the S8+.

Aside that, Samsung may also be acquiring more screens for the first batches in a bid to secure oversupply for its own device, prior to the OLED iPhone 8.