Samsung really wants to differentiate itself from its rival and so, it will be equipping its Galaxy S8 devices with facial recognition technology. Perhaps it isn’t so surprising that Samsung wants to stand out from the crowd following its whole Note 7 debacle.

According to a report by Bloomberg, buyers of the latest flagship device will be able to use the new technology alongside the fingerprint and iris scanner while using features such as Samsung Pay.

The Seoul-based company is also reportedly working with banks in a bid to “help them embrace” these new recognition systems.

Samsung devices may have used facial recognition features for unlocking device before, but this new adaptation will extend the technology to support secure financial transactions.

Samsung’s main rival, Apple, is also said to be eyeing facial recognition. Bloomberg reports that the tech giant had acquired a patent for a way to “detect faces using information in digital video feeds.”

The Samsung Galaxy S8 series may kick off pre-orders on April 7, as claimed by Korean media.