Removable batteries have been a steady subject among the smartphone community of recent and it’s easy to understand why. Most folks like having the option of a removable battery as it’ll be convenient for them to swap the battery if they’re out of battery and no where near a power outlet.

There are also many instances where having a removable battery feature helped owners to extend their device’s life span. This is because the devices could still be used even if its battery has burnt out by merely purchasing a new battery unit.

However, it looks like the removable battery feature may not be all that crucial anymore. Android Central recently conducted a poll asking the public if they would like to see a removable battery feature on the upcoming Galaxy S8 and the result was rather surprising.

It appears that the result came out as a tie between those who preferred the removable battery and those who simply didn’t care if the device came with it or not; all they cared about was the Galaxy S8 having good battery.

According to a thread on this, many users felt that it’s much more important to have a premium battery build compared to having the removable battery feature while others felt that waterproof qualities trumps removable batteries, any day.

Some chimed in by stating that the Quick Charge feature has eliminated the need for removable battery as this feature reduces the strain on the battery which may prolong its lifespan.

Prior to this, all we’ve been hearing is how devastated folks were over the loss of the removable battery feature; so, this is a refreshing point of view. Well, do you agree that the Samsung Galaxy S8 doesn’t really need the removable battery feature?