Samsung isn’t learning from its mistakes and this is evident from the leaked images of its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 duo. These devices will be sporting curved screens – which is quite surprising seeing that only some folks prefer this over the flat screens.

Back in 2015, Samsung launched its Galaxy S6 with a flat screen and its Galaxy S6 Edge with a curved edge. The following year, the Seoul-based manufacturer released its Galaxy S7 duo with the similar screen properties.

Although the devices sold pretty well, many polls have revealed that not many users found much practicality of the curved screens. Plus, the fact that it came with a higher price tag turned some fans away.

However, since both of the Galaxy S8 devices will be coming with curved screens, Samsung has robbed users of making that choice. A thread on Android Central forum shows that many aren’t happy with this.

To make things worse, it looks like the latest duo will be narrower in shape, as seen in leaked images. Despite having no bezels, the device isn’t as wide which may affect the user’s media experience.

Samsung is hoping to sell about 12 million Galaxy S8 devices on launch, according to a report by the Bitbag. But, do you think this will be possible with the lacking of a flat screen that some fans love?