The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be launched in just a couple of days and the rumors and leaks have just been growing. There’s no doubt that this is a highly-anticipated device; but, maybe not as much as the iPhone 8.

According to KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, the Galaxy S8 “lacks sufficiently attractive selling points,” and it will probable be trailing behind the iPhone 8.

Kuo said that the OLED screen that may be featured on the upcoming iPhone will make for “a bigger draw for customers.” But, seeing that the Galaxy S8 will also be using the same display technology, the OLED may not be much of an advantage to Apple.

The analyst added that the Galaxy S8 will not be able to surpass the approximately 52 million sales of its predecessor, the Galaxy S7, and it will end up being about 40 to 45 million sales for fiscal-year 2017. This is said to be lower than the forecast for the iPhone 8.

It’s hard to take Kuo’s word for it, even though his predictions often turns out right, as both these devices are said to be sporting top-notch quality and cutting-edge tech.

Well, it looks like only time will truly tell.