Samsung’s highly anticipated flagship model, the Samsung Galaxy S8 duo, was finally released a couple of days back and it’s safe to say that the Seoul-based manufacturer hasn’t failed to impress, yet.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is truly a gorgeous pair. With the latest flagship duo, Samsung bid farewell to its flat screen and welcomes a tall, narrow device with two curved sides.

According to CNET, the device fits comfortably in the palm – much better than the LG G6 which came with similar proportions but lacked in the curved screen.

The latest flagship duo comes with an array of exciting specs and features such as the all-new digital assistant called Bixby, a rear-facing fingerprint sensor as well as a face recognition scanner.

As amazing as the Galaxy S8 series sound, it appears that some folks aren’t buying it – literally.

According to a poll conducted by Android Central, only 21 percent of respondents said that they were definitely buying the Galaxy S8 while another 8 percent said that they’ll be getting the Galaxy S8+.

Another 40 percent said that they will not be buying Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8 duo while 30 percent were still on the fence in regards to the devices.

Based on the forum threads, it looks like folks are more interested in waiting for the Galaxy Note 8 as it comes with their beloved S-Pen which they have grown accustomed to on their infamous Note 7 devices.

Meanwhile, others who had to settle for the Galaxy S7 Edge following the whole Note 7 debacle disclosed that they will not be giving up their current device for the Galaxy S8 as they are pretty much satisfied with the Galaxy S7 Edge’s capabilities.

There are also some who revealed that they will not opt for the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8+ as they are more keen on purchasing the LG G6 which comes with a cheaper price tag.

Well, will the Samsung Galaxy S8 duo be your next upgrade or are you holding on for something better?