We can’t help but think that the Seoul-based smartphone manufacturer hasn’t learned its mistake. Back in 2015, Samsung released its Galaxy S6 with a flat screen while its Galaxy S6 Edge sported a curved edge. The next year, it did the same thing with the Galaxy S7 duo.

However, this year, Samsung has decided to take it up a notch. According to the numerous leaks, both the devices from the Samsung Galaxy S8 series will be sporting curved screens.

This is especially surprising considering the fact that not all fans actually like the curved edge screens. Plus, the curved edge devices usually cost fairly higher.

It’s not that the edge device failed to sell but several surveys have disclosed that not many owners found the curved screens to have more practicality features over the standard flat screens.

Samsung’s decision to make both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ devices with curved screens have robbed users of making a choice based on their preference. And, a look through the Reddit forums prove that fans aren’t pleased.

The fact that the latest duo may be narrower in shape, judging from the leaked images, just made it worse. Although the devices do not sport bezels, the device isn’t as wide which could result in substandard media experience.

Previously, Samsung claimed that it was aiming to sell about 12 million Galaxy S8 devices; but, will that still be possible when the manufacturer has omitted a flat screen option that some fans love?