Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8 is, definitely, a highly anticipated flagship device. The Galaxy S8 duo has had its fair share of leaks ever since the word first got out – so much so that we have even seen alleged images of the duo already.

However, there is one thing that hasn’t gained much coverage via the numerous leaks. Up till this moment, not much has been said about the pricing of the upcoming flagship devices.

According to a report by Fortune, the Galaxy S8 series will be gaining a $100 hike, following Apple’s $30 increase on its iPhone 7 Plus model last year.

This would make the Galaxy S8 about $799 and the larger variant about $899, as suggested by the report. This is a significant increase from what folks had previously expected.

A survey on the many threads on Android Central forums show that many fans aren’t happy with this news and some had even voiced out that they would opt for another device, such as the $672 LG G6, if the price speculation turns out to be true.

Judging from the whole, disastrous, Note 7 debacle, many had expected Samsung to make the upcoming device a huge hit – this includes the price point.

Although the Seoul-based manufacturer seems to be confident in its upcoming flagship duo, it’s essentially walking on eggshells right now. Samsung can’t possible afford a miscalculation right now as this could seriously jeopardize their profits, especially since its rivals are hot on its heels.