The latest Samsung Galaxy S8 is now involved in a fiasco that is leaving the users in rage. It was reported earlier today that the S8 which runs on Snapdragon are not equipped with UFS 2.1. Instead, they are stuck on UFS 2.0.

This is disappointing really because the unavailability of UFS 2.0 on the Galaxy S8 with Snapdragon means it is the weaker choice when compared to the S8 that relies on Exynos processor. Those that have read the report were quick to criticize Samsung for it.

The only good news here is that the larger S8+ which relies on Snapdragon are completely unaffected by this. The device features UFS 2.1 rather than UFS 2.1.

At the rate the complaints are going, Samsung will definitely be forced to look into the matter and offer a solution for it. Failing to do so will only upset the users further.

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