If you are thinking about getting Samsung’s latest flagship model, you would know that there is the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 + but it has just been revealed that there is another version that the customers can choose to buy, the Microsoft version.

Microsoft did the same with the Samsung Galaxy S8 next year. While the device will have the same things to offer, the Microsoft version will come with a few pre-installed services including Office, OneDrie, Cortana, and Outlook.

The customization will be applied once the device is connected to a WiFi. We do not know if the buyers will be given the option to choose if they want the apps or not but since you choose to buy it from Microsoft, it is safe to assume that you wanted those apps to be installed into the device. Users will also have access to Microsoft Launcher which will allow them to access their document and calendar.

The Microsoft version will cost $719.99