Samsung recently announced its stunning Galaxy Tab S3 – sans any price or availability information. However, BestBuy may have just revealed the price of the iPad Pro rival via its listing.

The listing on the website indicates that the tablet is priced at a whooping $600! If that didn’t sound too crazy to you, keep in mind that this is the same launch price as the Apple iPad Pro 9.7.

However, when you consider its features, it doesn’t sound too surprising. The Galaxy Tab S3 sports a sleek design while offering quick specs, one-of-a-kind HDR-ready screen along with dynamic speakers. This tablet is said to be the next best tablet for media experience.

That’s not all – the Galaxy Tab S3 also comes with a redesigned S-Pen stylus. This gives the Samsung device an edge over the Apple device as the latter’s Pencil stylus comes separately.

That said, iOS still wins over Android with its tablet-optimized apps along with a larger array of apps.