BestBuy has listed the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with a price tag of a whooping $600! This is way more than what most folks had expected as the majority assumed that it wouldn’t go too far from the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2’s launch price.

A Reddit thread on this had garnered over plenty of attention, with most folks stating their disbelief at the price as well as stating who would fork out that kind of money for a tablet these days.

Some folks even said that the $600 price tag was not worth it for this Samsung tablet as non-Windows tablets are becoming a “dying breed” in our current society.

That’s not all – a Reddit user by the screen name cezeone stated that this price could actually get you last year’s high end ultrabooks or convertibles “with a core i7 and dual boot remix if you wanted for a better Android experience.”

Well, these are enough evidence to prove that buyers aren’t happy with the exorbitant price tag on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. As time passes, it’s becoming evident that Samsung wants to follow in the Cupertino giant’s footsteps. So, would you fork out $600 for a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3?