Based on the leaked images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, it looks like the highly-anticipated device will be carrying on the fingerprint sensor trend.

However, it’s possible that it will not be sticking around for long, as revealed in a PhoneArena report. A Twitter post by @mmddj_china reveals that a Samsung staff had said that the company is planning to do away with the fingerprint scanner as it has become “obsolete.”

On top of that, it is also reported that Samsung may be introducing a facial recognition system via the Galaxy S8. This is the replacement for the lagging iris scanning technology, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

This bit of news isn’t all that surprising as we have heard that Apple is planning to go down this route, too. The Cupertino team is rumored to be including a facial recognition feature in its 2017 iPhone.

Well, it’s best to take all these with a grain of salt. That said, how would you feel about the facial recognition technology replacing the fingerprint technology?