The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was probably one of the best offerings from the South Korean manufacturer. This is because it came with practically everything.

It runs on the swiftest processor of its time and features a gorgeous QHD display with a top-notch camera. Plus, merging the quad-core Snapdragon 805 with 3GB RAM proved to be one of the best decisions Samsung has ever made.
The Galaxy Note 4 even had the wireless and quick-charging tech along with a fingerprint scanner. These are commonly features that you’d see on a premium Android device today. So, this shows that the Galaxy Note 4 was, indeed, ahead of its time.

This device was also the last major device from Samsung to come with the removable battery feature as well as support for expandable storage. Judging from its array of features, do you think this would extend its lifespan in the Android ecosystem?

Well, we don’t see why not. It’s not that the Galaxy Note 5 and Note 7 failed to attract a lot of buyers; there are just too many Galaxy Note 4 users refusing to give up their beloved phablet.

But, this may not be such good news to Samsung – it is a business, at the end of the day. The company needs its customers to move on to newer devices rather than sticking to old ones in order to push sales and generate better profit.

So, by being years ahead, the Galaxy Note 4 had actually affected Samsung. This is probably the core factor why there hasn’t been a release quite like the Galaxy Note 4. Even the Galaxy Note 5 was merely an enhancement from the Galaxy Note 4 and not a complete overhaul.

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john alozie · March 18, 2017 at 7:49 pm

The note 4 deserve the nougat update

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