The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 isn’t exactly abandoned as it is still receiving security updates and it’s still a pretty competitive device. This is especially due to its top-notch specs for a device of that era.

Currently, Samsung’s official pre-owned device program is selling the Galaxy Note 3 at a steal for only $250! However, keep in mind that this device on sale is carrier-locked and it doesn’t officially support Android 6.0 or the 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

It’s sad that the Galaxy Note 3 reaches its ceiling with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. This means it misses out on the great features that the Marshmallow update brings, such as the granular app permissions, Doze Mode, adoptable storage as well as the Google Now On Tap.

Besides that, there is the Screen-Off Memo which is exclusive to the Galaxy Note 4 and Note 5. This feature gives users a chance to jot down notes with the S Pen without even unlocking the device’s screen.

That’s not all – Samsung has even cleaned up the TouchWiz’s interface, which was really messy previously, via the Marshmallow update.

Blame It On…

It’s human nature to point fingers when something goes wrong and in this case, we’re blaming Qualcomm for the lack of Nougat for the Note 3 as the software isn’t compatible with the device.

However, we’re not letting Samsung off the hook that easy as it was the manufacturer’s fault for the device lacking in the Marshmallow upgrade.

Sky Is The Limit

Well, it doesn’t really matter whose fault is it as users could always opt to root their device with help from third-party developers. And, at this point, unofficial builds for Marshmallow should be stable enough for naysayers to start taking a chance on them.