Samsung has yet to provide any reasoning behind its explosive Galaxy Note 7 devices. However, the company has announced that it would provide an explanation to this whole fiasco prior to 2017.

A Samsung official had said that the company is currently “considering all possibilities to find out the exact cause of the accidents.”

Many have chimed in with their own assumption of what could have been the cause with one report even blaming it on Samsung trying to nab a competitive edge over the iPhone by rushing the launch of Note 7, which does seem pretty believable.

Whatever the reason may be, it would be best for Samsung to disclose the cause behind this as it could educate manufacturers as well as consumers to know how volatile batteries are and how to prevent it from exploding.

Besides that, it would also aid the company in their production of the upcoming Galaxy S8. The new device will be subjected to intense internal tests in the beginning of 2017 to avoid any mishaps.