Mid-engine Corvette renderings have always been a favorite for 3D aritsts; that’s probably why we’ve seen so much of it. The latest one that caught our eyes is the result of a collaboration between HRE Wheels and Fast Eddy along with Aria Group.

This trio produced a stunning image of what a possible mid-engine C8 Corvette could look like. This model looks so good that no Porsche 911 model could ever come close to it.

As revolutionary as this rendering is, we have to be straight up and say that this model doesn’t exactly share any elements with the Corvette.

Take a good look at its back and you’ll notice a Lamborghini vibe with just a tiny hint of the current C7 Corvette in the model’s taillights. And that’s it – nothing else looks like a Corvette which means that this model could pass off as anything.

However, as far-fetched as this rendering is, we have to admit that the HRE Wheels used by the model is pretty darn good looking. That said, it looks like we’ll never see anything quite like this in the real world so it’s best to keep your hopes down low, for now.