Apple’s AirPods: Is It Really Good?

Apple’s AirPods is a step into the future as this is a earphone that is truly wireless. Now, folks can finally say goodbye to sitting for long while struggling to untangle the cords that magically seem to get really, really tangled up when not in use. It’s pretty obvious that Apple wants to help make Read more about Apple’s AirPods: Is It Really Good?[…]

iOS 10.3 Will Make Things Easier For AirPods Users

Apple has just started sending out the third beta versions of iOS 10.3, watchOS3.2 and tvOS 10.2 to developers. The new iOS will be bringing the ‘Find My AirPods’ feature, making things that much easier for those who have lost one of their ear buds. This feature will allow users to see their location on Read more about iOS 10.3 Will Make Things Easier For AirPods Users[…]

Is Your Apple AirPods Updated?

That is a really odd question. Well, for one, we have never heard of headphones requiring software updates prior to this. With everything being high-tech these days, awaiting software updates is a price to pay for smart technology. Recent reports have revealed that Apple has kicked off a software update to its AirPods and it Read more about Is Your Apple AirPods Updated?[…]

AirPods Hitting Goals In The Wireless Headphones Market

Although the Apple’s AirPods were faced with delays, it didn’t seem to deter it from enjoying the holiday season, according to Slice Intelligence. The report states that the $159 AirPods have made up of over a quarter of the entire online wireless headphones revenue since pre-orders for the product started on December 13. It also Read more about AirPods Hitting Goals In The Wireless Headphones Market[…]

Apple Shuts Down “Finder For AirPods”

Apple’s AirPod, being lightweight and wireless, have high risks of going missing. Thankfully, iOS developer Deucks has produced an app called the “Finder for AirPods,” priced at $3.99 Direct Link. This app measures Bluetooth signal strength from a missing AirPod to guide the user to the location of it. Finder for AirPods begins by the Read more about Apple Shuts Down “Finder For AirPods”[…]

Apple AirPods: Worst Of The Lot

The dedicated crew at iFixit managed to acquire Apple’s AirPods and it looks like the brand new futuristic ear pieces only managed a score of zero. Each of these earbuds weighs in at only 4g which, according to GSM Arena, is extremely little “for a headphone, battery, proprietary wireless chip (Apple W1), beamforming microphones, proximity Read more about Apple AirPods: Worst Of The Lot[…]