Tesla is still not done serving jolts of surprises to its customers. The company announced some time back that Model 3 owners will have to pay in order to use the superchargers and then news popped up that new Tesla owners, past January 1, 2017, would be subjected to a network fee.

If that’s not bad enough, now Tesla had announced that it will implement a “Supercharger Idle Fee” of $0.40 per minute after a complete charge. This is due to the irresponsible owners who leave their cars plugged into superchargers for over hours, causing trouble for other owners.

However, there is a 5 minute grace period after a complete charge which means that if the owner moves the car within that time, the fee will be waived. Plus, there is the Tesla mobile app which can help owners keep track of their charge, so there really isn’t any excuse.

A frustrated Tesla owner had resorted to complaining about the issue to CEO Elon Musk via Twitter and Musk had replied by saying he would “take action.”

Tesla stressed that it is not doing this for the purpose of dollars, instead this is “purely about increasing customer happiness.”

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