The Toyota Prius is widely praised for being a superb economical car but when it comes to design, the Prius is rated to be very poor. Many agreed that they find the Prius to be very ugly and this is affecting sales of the car.

We share this with you because the response from the public towards the Tesla Model 3 is somewhat similar. Earlier today, fresh photos of the Model 3 in the flesh and on the road surfaced online and many were quick to condemn the car’s proportions which give it a bad look. To add to the disappointment, the interior of the Model 3 will be very basic and ‘cheap-looking’.

But then again, a separate photo of the Model 3 prototype making runs on public roads received a different feedback and they all involve the Prius. This cannot be helped as the photo was taken right at the moment the Model 3 was right next to a Toyota Prius.

It takes the negativity on the Model 3’s design away as viewers are immediately reminded of the true meaning for bad design. You can see it for yourself below.

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