Tesla Model 3 Nabs Another Title?

The Tesla Model 3 production might not be going the way Tesla wants it to go but the vehicle is still breaking some impressive records.

It was just announced by EPA, that the $44,000 Tesla Model 3 will have a maximum of 310miles to offer. Based on that, the Tesla Model 3 is now the most efficient vehicle on the road with a rating of 131MPGe in the city and 120MPGe on the highway.

With that kind of numbers, it is estimated that after five years of driving the Tesla Model 3, the owners should be able to save up to $4500. That is if they get their Tesla Model 3. Right now, Tesla is only producing three Model 3 per day which is a lot slower than predicted. Tesla says that they will be producing about 5000 units per week starting March next year so we will have to wait and see.