Following Tesla’s decision to cut off the Model S 60 from its lineup, the automaker is now dropping $7,500 off the price of its cheapest model, the Model S 75.

This means the new base price for the model will be $69,500. With this reduction in price, Tesla also made some package changes which includes the all-glass roof becoming a standard feature as well as an automatic power liftgate.

Model S 75 buyers will be losing out on Tesla’s smart air suspension system but this feature is still available on higher trim models. There is also a high amperage charger that comes exclusive with the 100kWh models.

Folks who recently purchased an entry level Model S 60 will be happy with the news that Tesla is dropping the price of upgrades – for $2,000, they will be able to boost their vehicle from 60kWh to 75kWh.

A report by Electrek states that this move was necessary in order to make way for the highly anticipated Model 3. This model will be coming with a 75kWh battery in the top range model which will complement the Model S’ new smallest battery unit of 75kWh.