One of the reasons to why there is a healthy take-off for EV cars in the market is because of the incentives that are offered to consumers that chose to adopt a green car.

Here in the US, getting a Model S is cheaper than what the MSRP says thanks to the government rebates but the bad news is that the discounts are not here to stay for long. Elsewhere in the world, the green rebates offered to green car owners are already disappearing and they are having a negative effect on the EV market.

The Tesla Model S, in particular is having a hard time on the sales front when local governments ceased offering discounts for the vehicle. In Hong Kong, the tax incentive program for EVs has been scrapped and it resulted in zero Model S sold in both April and May.

This is a sharp decline in sales of the Model S and things are no different over in Denmark. As such, we can’t help but to predict a similar outcome here in the US when the rebates are scrapped. The happening will perhaps make Tesla realize that luxury EVs are not in the bucket list of the masses.

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