It looks like Elon Musk isn’t satisfied with the company’s discount offer for Model S 60 And 60D owners to upgrade into a 75kWh.

Tesla’s latest Model S 60 units actually do come with a 75kWh battery but it is software restricted to 60kWh. The recent discount to give owners the extra 15kWh is available via an over-the-air update for a price of $2,000.

However, Musk took to Twitter to state that “Tesla will soon be offering a compelling means of upgrading a 60 to a 75.” This was in a reply to a tweet from a Model S 60 owner who said that folks were going with the $2,000 discount offer. That said, the Tesla CEO didn’t expand on his statement.

This left many Redditors confused as the software upgrade discount already looks compelling to many folks to jump on the upgrade bandwagon.

Some fans assume that Musk could be implying that the software upgrade may be coming for free or the payments could be split into a couple of installments. Well, what do you think the usually tongue-in-cheek CEO could be suggesting?