According to a report by Electrek, a Model S 70 was recently destroyed after it caught on fire. Philip Coates from Yorkshire parked his vehicle outside his mother’s house without plugging it in for charging when the incident occurred.

Coates was only aware of the fire about an hour later and he quickly called up the local fire department. Thankfully, they were able to put out the fire as the battery pack managed to stay clear of the fire.

Since it was a new car and still under warranty, Coates was pretty positive that Tesla would cover for the damage. However a Tesla spokesperson stated that, “Tesla commissioned an independent investigator to determine the cause of the fire. We concluded that the fire in all probability occurred due to damage related to an earlier crash that the vehicle had been involved in.”

The spokesperson added that, “We are working with our customer’s insurance company with a view to ensuring that the customer receives full compensation for his loss.”

Many folks were disappointed with how Tesla handled this issue as the owner had actually brought in his car to the shop after the crash. The service crew said that everything was fine but following the fire, Tesla is saying that the accident was the result of a broken part from the accident.

As revealed on Reddit forum threads, folks are blaming this incident on Tesla as it was their tech crew that missed the issue which resulted in the fire.

Although it may not be Tesla itself, it was a Tesla certified shop; so, Tesla could be blamed for insufficient training. That said, some are standing by the service center’s side by stating that cars are incredibly complex machines and it’s impossible to catch every tiny issue.

Well, what do you think? Could we pin this fiery incident on Tesla or should we hold back from assumptions of negligence at this point?