The EPA has just recently released the official ratings of Tesla’s Model S 100D, launched three months ago, and it looks like the automaker was spot-on with its estimates.

The official figures of the non-performance version Model S are 331.1 miles in the city, 337.2 miles on highway with a combined range of 335 miles.

With its 335 miles rating, the Model S 100D sits 20 miles above the Model S P100D. However, the latter excels in performance as it records about 2.5 seconds for a 0 to 60mph while the 100D needs 4.2 seconds for the same feat.

Meanwhile, the Model S 100D’s MPGe ratings stand at 101 MPGe in urban settings, 102 MPGe on highway and 102 MPGe combined total.

The Model S 100D kicks off at $95,800, inclusive of destination fee, or $92,500 without the pre-selected, upgraded interior. Note that the 100D comes priced $3,000 higher compared to the 90D version that has a range of 294 miles.

Although Tesla’s Model S 100D lacks in performance in comparison to the P100D, the former model justifies for it with its range capabilities.