As we come closer to the big gaming event E3, the rumors just continues to pile up. There’s no doubt that Bethesda will be one of the biggest attendees of the show, as they have been for the past years; however, will the team be announcing something that gamers have long waited for?

We’re talking about The Elder Scrolls 6,a sequel to the ever-so popular Skyrim. Many fans are crossing their fingers that Bethesda will debut the game during E3 but there is still no confirmation from the company that this may happen.

That said, Pete Hines recently revealed on Twitter that there is a lot that the developer will be addressing and disclosing to the gaming world during the event.

Take this with a grain of salt as Bethesda’s officials have said a couple of times that we are still far away from seeing a Skyrim sequel as the team has other projects to focus on at the moment.

Well, if it isn’t The Elder Scrolls 6, maybe we could be getting a new Fallout game or something entirely different. What are you expecting to hear from Bethesda during E3?