Jeep is definitely a popular brand with a loyal fan following, just like Apple and other brands with a throng of die-hard fans. This helps the company as its buyers would do most of its advertising for them, as described by PR Week.

Advertising Agency Iris Worldwide recently released its Participation Brand Index. This is where companies are ranked based on the amount of engagement they gain from their consumers.

Apple came out as the strongest brand in terms of customer participation followed by Amazon, Google, Netflix and BMW. Jeep was listed as the second highest ranked automotive brand at 11th place.

Kim House, advertising head of Jeep, said that, “You walk past an Apple store and look at the buzz that they’ve created to just have people stand in line and wait to have their phones repaired. It’s just a phenomenon, right?”

The My Jeep Story campaign was one good example where Jeep had enlisted the help of consumers by asking them to share their Jeep stories on social media with the hashtag #myjeepstory, to commemorate its 75th anniversary. The company then included 75 of the best stories into a video compilation.

House added that Jeep’s strength is not much different than Apple as it gives consumers the feeling of being a part of something and not just an owner of the vehicle. However, owning a Jeep, especially a Wrangler, can give people a sense of belonging, similar to how owning an Apple product, such as an iPhone7 and iPad Pro, does.