The Surge is the newest game in town that is developed by Deck 13 Interactive and its aim is to offer the best experience in Sci-Fi RPG. Despite being a sci-fi-themed title, The Surge has a gameplay that is similar to Dark Souls.

We have received an early copy of The Surge and can’t help but to fall in deep love with the game. Deck 13 did a fine job in blending elements of a fantasy-themed title in a sci-fi world.

What’s best about it is that The Surge is cleverly designed for the best space utilization around. The Surge has a size of 5.79GB and it requires another 230MB for version 1.01 update. For a game which we find to be massive, The Surge is about a fifth the size of most games today.

This is something worth applauding, especially when space are growing to be more limited on the consoles’ hard drive.

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