The Toyota FT-4X concept crossover was unveiled at the New York Auto Show and it became clear that the Japanese automaker is targeting millennials with the concept.

The prototype measured at 63.9-inches tall and 167.3-inches long while riding on a wheelbase of 103.9-inches. Toyota stated that the model “could potentially employ” a small four-cylinder mill without paying too much attention to powertrain plans.

One of the most truly one-of-a-kind feature on the concept is the fact that it comes with a “multi-hatch” which opens horizontally as well as vertically.

Toyota claims that the FT-4X concept is made for “outings by anyone, anytime” without needing to plan ahead. The company added that this concept is for young professionals who “are fond of the outdoors but operate almost always indoors.”

Toyota also said that millennials “enjoy venturing into new neighborhoods and national parks, but hardly plan ahead.” However, it looks like many millennials aren’t happy with this statement.

Many seem to feel that Toyota may have confused spontaneity with failure to plan. Young folks these days are more spontaneous and they usually do not require much planning prior to going on a trip or anything along that line.

On top of that, many folks dislike how the concept looks like. They think it’s ugly, to say the least. And some even felt that Toyota may have went too far in its bid of appealing to the hipster off-road market.

Well, what do you think of Toyota’s FT-4X concept? It doesn’t matter if you’re 21 or 51; we want to hear your views on it!