Nexus 5X are still being sold by third-party retailers but it’ll be impossible to get a deal that’s lower than Google’s current offer via the Project Fi. The device is currently going for the lowest at $199.

Many other retailers have tried to jump on the bandwagon by bringing forth their own low prices for the Nexus 5X but it has always just been slightly below $200. If buyers want a better deal than that from these retailers , they’ll just have to settle for a secondhand unit which usually rakes up less than the $200 price tag.

But the best deal still remains to be Google’s current offering so if there’s a perfect to get the smaller Nexus 6P sibling, it’s right about now.

The Nexus 5X doesn’t really have a con factor, unlike the Nexus 5, unless it winds up being a lemon which stands at a 50 percent chance.

Well, that’s a risk that wouldn’t be so damaging with its price tag. On top of that, buyers will also be guaranteed software update support up till September 2017 and security updates until the end of 2018. With its dirt cheap price, it looks like a good backup device compared to the Nexus 4 or Nexus 5.