It doesn’t really matter how careful we try to be, sometimes we just can’t avoid an accident but that’s no reason to be hard on yourself as we’re merely humans.

That said, this Corvette drive is an exception to that case. The New Hampshire owner was involved in two crashes in just seven minutes apart!

NH1 News reports that the driver, Kevin Cullinane was driving around Cumberland Farms when he collided into another vehicle. The driver fled after that and witnesses claimed that he “was traveling at a high rate of speed and weaving through traffic.”

However, it looks like luck wasn’t on his side as Cullinane collided with yet another car and resulted in pushing it into a telephone pole. He tried to flee the scene again but thankfully, this time witnesses were able to stop him.

Source: @NascarWorldNews via Twitter

Cullinane will be facing heavy charges including conduct after an accident, driving under the influence and reckless operation of the machine. Well, it seems like Cullinane will be taking a long, long break from driving.