HRE Wheels worked together with Fast Eddy and Aria Group to come up with this rendering of what a mid-engine C8 Corvette could possibly look like, if it ever materializes.

All we had to do was take one look and we were in love! This Corvette C8 looks so attractive that it could even make any already-gorgeous-Porsche 911 envious.

This is, hands down, a revolutionary model but what can’t be denied is that this model doesn’t exactly share many similarities to the original Corvette.

When you look at its rear, the model looks more like a Lamborghini with just a tiny incorporation of the current C7 Corvette’s taillights. Besides that part, this model could literally be anything!

However, the most captivating feature here is its amazing HRE wheels fitted in each corner. No doubt, this is an attractive model, but we highly doubt that anything like this would ever make an appearance on a production version of a mid-engine Corvette.