While the all-new potent beast, Challenger SRT Demon, looks enticing with its impressive specs and features, this modified Challenger looks way, way, wrong, to say the least.

A Reddit user spotted this eccentric-looking Challenger strutting the US streets while riding on what appears to be stock SRT8 along with a set of gigantic rear wheels.

The tires are estimated to be measuring at about 300mm wide and it is really surprising that the owner didn’t revamp the car to fit the tires. These tires are so huge that most of it isn’t even covered under the arch!

Many folks were quick to respond with their dislike of this atrocious machine. While some called it plain stupid as it almost looks un-driveable, others suggested that it could possibly be a shop working on something for SEMA.

Well, do you think this Dodge is as ugly as we think it is, too? Let us know what your thoughts are below!