There’s no doubt that Dodge’s Charger is a good looking machine but it looks like that may not be enough for some. Nick Kizi of Fantasy Collision & Customs’ creation recently came up with a version of the Charger that is sure to impress even non-Dodge fans.

According to a report by Rides magazine, the team didn’t merely remove two doors and closed the gaps – they split the sedan right in the center, dropped its wheelbase by 10-inches and combined it all back together.
While the back doors were removed, the front ones were extended. That’s not all – Fantasy Collision & Customs even brought the roof down by about 2-inches; giving the illusion of a coupe.

This entire process, which included enlarging the rear fenders by 7-inches, equipping big 24-inched diameter wheels, steamrolling 9-inches across the front and 15-inches at the back, required about 5,000 hours.

With the exception of the custom exhaust, the Charger’s 5.7-liter Hemi V8 was untouched. However, the roof was replaced with a custom glass panel and the model was painted with white and red pinstripes. Meanwhile, the interior was finished with red stitching.

Well, this sure is a gorgeous looking Charger. Do you think so too? Or, do you feel like the company may have missed the mark?