The Jeep Wrangler is popular for many reasons. One of them is with its great ability to tackle the rough off-road terrain and another one is its affordability in the 4×4 SUV market.

But for one Wrangler owner, he wants to be different from the crowd and his way of doing so is through changing the powertrain on the vehicle. In detail, the lad replaced the mill with the ever-popular 2JZ turbocharged unit made famous by the old Toyota Supra.

The engine swap allows the Wrangler to churn out about 350hp, which is pretty insane for an off-road tailored vehicle. Other features include a 5-speed manual gearbox and also HKS blow-off valve.

The 2JZ mill may be a bulletproof performance engine from Toyota but its application on the Wrangler may have created some unknown problems. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be seeing the 2JZ-powered Wrangler going on sale at Craiglist. Anybody daring enough to give it a go?

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