If you think that Legos are child’s play, you will stand corrected after seeing this stunning miniature Jeep Wrangler, designed by Chiho Kim.

Just like Chiho, many others are enjoying building mini versions of their favorite car models out of Lego pieces which led to creators putting together these palm-sized models for enthusiasts’ pleasure.

The mini Wrangler made an appearance on Lego’s crowd sourced “Ideas” site. This is where builders can upload their designs and gain valuable feedback as well as stand a chance of it even making it into production, granted there is enough support.

Based on the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon two-door, this mini Wrangler is almost the spitting image of the former from its interior, removable roof and it even has a fire extinguisher in the build!

On top of that, Chiho also placed a license plate, tow hook mount and a tie-down net. This model is really well-balanced with its appropriately sized tires, fender flares and its signature front grille.

This is still merely an idea for now and it would require more support for it to make it into production.

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