Recent spy shots of the next-gen Toyota Supra have been making its rounds and despite the camouflage, we finally get a glimpse of the headlights and taillights.

It’s pretty obvious that the taillights are taken from the FT-1 concept as it is similarly slim wedge shaped with sharp corners. The model also has FT-1 inspired greenhouse and ducktail spoiler, however, the diffuser and vents have been removed while the exhaust outlets have been shifted to the bottom of the rear bumper.

The headlights are also FT-1 inspired and it looks very much like the ones on the fourth-generation Supra. This model will be sharing a similar platform with a new BMW, rumored to be called the Z5 and it is seen sporting side mirrors that look very BMW-like.

However, some folks have a whole different opinion on this model. Many have said that this camouflaged vehicle is probably the successor to the Toyota GT86 instead of the Supra especially since the Subaru partnership has dried up in terms of developments with the car.

Well, what do you think? Is this undercover model a Supra or a GT86?