Following the debut of the Volkswagen GTI TCR last March, the automaker is debuting another special GTI this year, as revealed by CarBuzz.

Volkswagen couldn’t implement drastic changes to the car due to TCR regulations that states cars should be as equal as possible in order to ensure that wins are dependent on driver skills. But, even so, the 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder has been revamped to churn out 350hp, instead of the previous model’s 330hp. This implies that the GTI TCR could even stun the Corvette Z06.

Aside that, the automaker also added an electric power steering to help curb the extra power that’s sent to the front-wheels via a re-tuned sequential gearbox.

Based on the previous TCR, Volkswagen has turned their focus towards remaking the parts that experience the most strain. Although this would make a difference, the main focus of the model is aerodynamics.

As a result, the GTI TCR received a new coat to add downforce while trying to forego as much drag as possible. The 2017 version will be boasting new fenders along with a new profile and vents to enhance its aerodynamics.

However, Volkswagen is only producing 30 units of this model for the price of $96,000; so, if you’re interested, you better be quick!