Some would say that the ill-fated Dodge Dart got terminated because of Dodge’s poor handling of the car on the sales front. The folks believe that if Dodge is to pour in more effort in marketing the Dart, the outcome would have been completely different.

Today, the Dodge Dart is no longer around as it has been discontinued permanently. But then again, the Dart is not completely dead as parts of it are being kept alive by Maserati. To be more precise, the Ghibli keeps on reminding everyone about the Dart.

We were able to learn that a variety of parts on the Ghibli are sourced from the Dart hence the statement about. Both the Ghibli and the Dart relies on the same window switches, door lock switches, mirror switches, turn signal stalk, starter button and infotainment system with laughably poor backup camera resolution.

The only difference here is that the Ghibli took these parts all while being priced extravagantly whereas the affordable Dart turned into dust due to failing on the sales front. Knowing that the Ghibli is one of the worst rated cars around, it’s sad to see parts of the Dart on the Italian car.

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